Access Management System

Subscription based Access (ex. sport clubs )

    Netlock's builin Shop Module let users of a sport club buy, renew and upgrade their subscription online.

    Subscription products can have different prices for different user types.

    Here is a list of features specifically aimed at sport clubs or any paid access:

    • Subscription products
    • Periodic subscription let users access the sport club during a predefined period.
      Renewal of periodic subscription, will extend the period by adding the new period to the end of the current period
      so users do not loose time left in the old subscription

      Number of entrances subscription will allow user to enter number of times.
      However, each entrance can be valid in a predefine period, so if user need to go out and in again within this period
      it will still be count as only one entrance.

      Combined access Sport centers with several facilities (ex. pool, fitness, solarium, etc.), can create subscription products
      that combine access to some of the facilities. Products example: fitness only , fitness+pool, pool only.

    • User types
    • Users can be categorized with users types. User type can be used to set different price on the same product depending on the user type.
      User types can also be used to restrict access to certain hours during the day.

    • Zone occupancy
    • Nemlock can show number of people entered and exited specific facility, and prevent reentrance to the same facility without first check out.

    • Replacing tag with Smartphone
    • As a mobile operated Access Management System, Nemlock can completely eliminate the need for tags and codes.
      With an ever-changing sport club's user, this will reduce logistics and security hazards.
      Giving a user access is a matter of a simple email or SMS sent directly from Nemlocks administration module.
      Users with access with

    • Central administration
    • As a cloud based system, Nemlock administration is accessible from anywhere.
      All you need is access to the Internet.

    Download a fitness case example (Danish)

    Download a sport club example (Danish)

    Getting started with Nemlock

    Our experience shows that not all Access Management projects are the same.
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