Access Management System

Nemlock for Workspace vendors

    Managing Workspace environment is challenging. A single location can be home for many tenants' organizations
    where each tenant has its own workforce. From Access Management perspective, this can be rather complex.
    Using Nemlock to manage access to doors and services reduces complexity and simplify management.
    Here are the key advantages of Nemlock as a workspace Access Management system:

    • Isolated Access Management
    • Each tenant organization renting workspace from the Workspace vendor gets it's own Access Management and can manage its own users and their access.
      At the same time, Workspace vendor has complete control, and can delegate permissions to the tenant organizations.

    • Replacing tag with Smartphone
    • As a mobile operated Access Management System, Nemlock can eliminate the need for tags and codes.
      With an ever-changing workforce, this will reduce logistics and security hazards.
      Giving a user access is a matter of a simple email or SMS sent directly from Nemlocks administration module.

    • Manage access to services
    • Workspace tenant organizations often use other services provided by the Workspace Vendor. Nemlock simplify Vending machines, printers and parking are examples of services, managed by Nemlock.
      Both paid and unpaid services are available.

    • Central administration
    • As a cloud based system, Nemlock administration is accessible from anywhere.
      All you need is access to the Internet.

    • Location independence
    • Geographically distributed organization can maintain access rights for user at all relevant locations
      without the need to duplicate user at each location.

    • Subscription based services
    • Nemlock includes online subscription renewal option so users with access to paid services can renew or
      upgrade subscription products with zero administration.

    • Integration
    • Most large organizations already have user administration system (ex.AD) with which Nemlock can be integrated.
      Such integration will reduce the need to learn yet another administration system just to manage access control.

    Getting started with Nemlock

    Our experience shows that not all Access Management projects are the same.
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